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Tips for productive advertising

The mythical creature of advertising which produces results exists, right? Some say it does and here we will tell you a bit more about the witnesses who saw this elusive being. Ok, enough with the fantasy novel allegories let us move on to the real stuff. We will write you a little bit more about advice from advertising experts which bring results.

Tip one: know your product

Research and more research. Know everything there is to know about the product you are advertising. Read as much as you can about what other people have to say about the product. Reviews and opinions are a great source of information about the product, whether they are positive or negative. Find out all about the good features of the product and advantages over the competition it has, the way the product is made and the ingredients it contains. These facts will give you a good starting point to create your advertising strategy.

Tip two: know your competition


Once you get to know what your competition is doing, you will be able to form your idea of where to go and how to get there. You can adapt and develop the ideas the competition uses and then take a new, different approach.

Tip three: know your consumers

Survey and investigate your typical consumer. Find out what he has to say about the product. What good sides of it he likes and why does he think certain aspects of it are not so good? What is it that matters most to the buyer: price, quality, ease of use or something else? Taking guesses in advertising can seriously backfire, and you will only lose money. Find out as much as you can about the consumer opinion of your product, and you will be able to design a successful strategy to market it.

Tip four: find the right position

The positioning means knowing your target consumer audience, knowing how the product appeals to the audience and how to get close to them and form a strong connection. Figure out which are the consumers that will form the strongest connection with the product. Once you know which group you want to target, appeal to them with the right language, terminology, and style.