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The meaning of logo in advertising

A logo is a business what your face is to you. People recognize you as soon as they take a look at your face, humans are programmed for facial recognition. It is the same in the business world. We all remember the logos of the companies which dress us, which provide our smartphones, which fill our everyday lives with their products. And the interesting thing is how easy it is for us to differentiate individual logos in the sea of brands we see every day. They are so common and widespread that, for most of the time, we take them for granted. But what is a logo and what purpose does it server?

Think of a logo as a personal ID number. It is the defining identification tool of a brand, the core feature which makes the brand different from the competition. There is no brand without a logo. Just try to imagine Nike without the „Swoosh“ logo.

Importance and purpose of a logo

A logo is the most important graphical representation of a brand. It is the connection between the brand and its consumers, the market manifestation of a company. A well-thought of and a well-designed logo is what every company craves for because it becomes the backbone of the whole marketing strategy.


Through colors, lines, fonts and shapes, logos become the „face“ of the business. They graphically display the identity, the uniqueness of the brand and create a way for the consumers to identify themselves with the brand. Furthermore, all of the marketing strategies a company develops revolve around the logo.

Design postulates

The most important feature of any logo is uniqueness. Also, a logo has to be able to convey a bit of the most relevant information about the company to the audience. The color and the design of the logo should express more than just simple shapes do. A logo has to provide a sense of meaning about the brand. A good example is the IT companies, which often choose angular logos to represent the notion of speed and accuracy, while service-oriented business goes for rounded forms, to convey trust and reliability.


New advertising ideas

The market is an ever-changing entity. It transforms and evolves quicker than we can notice. Marketing strategies can grow obsolete in a matter of months. New ideas are crucial, and marketing experts with fresh, out-of-the-box thinking are always sought after. The ideas that were popular and produced results in 2015 and even 2016 are now useless relics of marketing history. Do not miss on the new ideas, keep in touch and step into the new market with new advertising breakthroughs. Keep reading, and you will learn some new ways of marketing your business or product in an unconventional, non-textbook manner.

Be knowledgeable about your client’s whereabouts. In a slightly different way

Knowing which places your customers frequent is a must. Placing your ads in strategic places is a great step to get through to your clientèle. For example, the usual places like subway stations and other places where many people gather are always cool but think innovatively. If you are a small, growing business, think cheap but creatively. For example, a bathroom of a neighborhood bar can be very productive. People have to go to the toilet, no?

Personal connections with your customers

OK, this might seem obvious. But think about it this way: no matter how piddling this tactic may seem, it is bound to bring results. People love personalized products. The gesture will bring you closer to your customers and form a stronger bond between them and your product.


Creative ways to say thank you

Many big companies use gift certificates, coupons, and similar stuff as a way to say how much the appreciate their customers’ business. However, a start-up business cannot allow itself the luxury of going overboard with advertising spending. A little creativity will get you a step forward without a lot of money. You can establish a VIP program, for example, or hand out gift-codes.

Infographic advertising

The attention span of an average consumer these days is about as long as the attention span of a canary. In the past few years, experts have been breaking their heads to develop advertising which can keep the customer interested for more than a few seconds. Words are simply not enough today; multimedia rules the advertising world. Furthermore, infographics carry a lot of information and have a great potential to spread out quickly. You just have to learn to combine good looks with good data, and the results will come.